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TML Models was born to: Create for sale some outstanding model kits, Limited edition kits, and Custom orders. We work in all scales and we want to create outstanding kits and parts that meet the specific needs of the modelers with whom we work. We assist our customers when ever possible and back our products.

Custom Orders

We welcome all opportunities to work with modelers on custom orders small and large. One of our interests is helping modelers make better models with accurate custom parts. All opportunities will be reviewed and quoted on a job-by-job basis.

Current Projects

Yard Tower Generic Kit HO, S and O Scales see mockup

B&O Medical Examiners Office Cumberland, MD Convertible Kit Freight & Passenger Station see mockup

Future Projects

Queen City Station S Scale 1948 Cumberland, MD

Coaling Tower S Scale 1948 Cumberland, MD

Roundhouse and Turntable S Scale 1948 Cumberland, MD

Special Order Projects

Laser Specifications

Universal M-360 30 Watt Professional Laser with an Engraving and Cutting Platform area of 12" X 24" with Honeycomb Cutting Table, Rotary Engraving Cutting Fixture, High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO) Lens and External Exhaust System. Laser System has RACER Motion Technology for faster job processing and is powered with CorelDRAW X3 Graphics Suite Software.


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